gold spot price


A HARMLESS TOOL AND A LEARNING EXPERIENCE started as an experiment. I grew tired of contradictory spot prices for gold every single day. One site would say one price, another would be more than said price, another would be less, and everywhere in between. Truly abismal for a third party buyer and seller trying to agree on a price to use.

There was no industry average tool available, and those that claimed to display the industry average was secretly just displaying information from another site. What is someone like myself supposed to do in such a scenario? Where is someone, who is looking to refer to a spot price aggregate for local gold trading, supposed to go?

Hence, I created It's not a completely accurate average of the current gold spot price as it only averages price from a handful of places, but it's better than just one place. It's not meant to replace anything or any company. It's a nifty tool for me to use, and more than anything else, it's a coding learning experience.

More features will be added as time passes. Be sure to read the disclaimer. If you want more, follow me on twitter at @spotpricepro, or signup for my email list below. New cool shit coming soon, all the time, every time.

This site is for educational and entertainment purposes only.